Trash and Recycle Info – Service Guidelines (Glass now accepted)

Trash Calendar

HBS is now accepting glass bottles and jars!

Please place your trash and recycle totes/cans on the curb (do not place them on the sidewalks)  the night before or prior to 7:00 am on Tuesdays (or Wednesdays if a holiday), check the calendar below if you have any questions about a service day.  If there is a weather delay please leave your items out for pickup, DO NOT PULL THEM BACK IN. Trash is scheduled to be picked up until at least 7 pm each service day. If you have any questions, please visit the website www.hbstrash.com or call 720-547-8600.  Trash cans should be stored in your garage until the morning of service and placed back in your garage once your trash has been collected.    If you think your trash or recycling has been missed please contact HBS  Report a trash service problem


  • Can you use your own trash can? – No, HBS provided each owner with 2 – 96 gallon toters (or smaller if requested), one for recycling, and one for trash.  Owners have an option to purchase or rent a 3rd toter directly from HBS  for an additional $15 per quarter.
  • Do you have to use the toters provided by HBS? – Yes, trash placed out to the curb must be the toters provided by HBS, which are able to be picked up by the new sideload trucks.
  • If you place a toter to the curb that is not provided by HBS and it is damaged or disposed of, will HBS replace it? – No, they will not.
  • If you have more trash than fits in your toter, can you place it on the curb for pick up? Yes, as long as it does not exceed three (3) 40-gallon bags.  Additional bags will be $3.50 per bag or the current rate.
  • If I call for a large item pick-up will I be charged?  Yes.
  • Can I place landscaping debris in the trash? Yes, as long as branches and brush are no longer than 4 ft and tied securely in 24-in diameter bundles. Yard waste such as leaves and grass clippings must be bagged and can be placed in a trash toter.

Report a trash service problem

Trash and Recycle Info – Service Guidelines (Glass now accepted)

Unacceptable Materials

Trash Calendar

HBS observed holidays 

– Memorial Day
– 4th of July
– Labor Day
– Thanksgiving
– Christmas Day
– New Year’s Day

Pick-up as usual on all other holidays.

If a holiday falls on or during the week of prior to the scheduled collection day, service will be delayed by one (1) day.

If you have any questions, please visit the website www.hbstrash.com or call 720-547-8600.